Sandy Faison

Most of my life was spent around the fringes of photography, learning and experimenting on my own. As I moved throughout my life, I always​ looked for the uniqueness of the whatever area had become home. I sought to capture the goodness of the area, whether it was the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the swamp land of Louisiana, the starkness of the plains, the Sand Hills of Nebraska, the desert life of the south west, the ranch lands of Texas, or the mountain grandeur of Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. I found beauty and enjoyment everywhere.  Now my home is in the great north.  I live in Interior Alaska, near Fairbanks.

I cherish the life I live, enjoying all seasons and their unique challenges as well as the chance f capturing each season with my camera.  I live with my canine partner, Koffie and her two feline friends, Cheyenne and Kody. We enjoy our large neighbors the cow moose and calf, as well as numerous foxes, water fowl and the occasional lynx.  Each one has provide much opportunity to perfect my skills as a photographer.